About Taylor Frederick

Taylor Frederick is a conscientious realtor whose passion for real estate is apparent through his excellent communication skills and his warm, friendly approach to his clients. He has been a Richmond-area resident since 2003, when his family relocated from Atlanta, Georgia to the Woodlake Community, where they still reside today.

At an early age, Taylor discovered his knack for sales. At age 10, he started an online golf business. While he attended Cosby High School, he worked for a local business selling landscaping services over the phone. After studying psychology at Radford University and Virginia Commonwealth University, he pursued his sales career for several years in Charlotte, North Carolina, as a regional sales representative, aka “Juice Pusher,” for a wine and beer distribution company. Although he loved the Charlotte area and enjoyed pretending that he was a sommelier, Taylor knew that he wanted to return to Richmond. He decided to blaze a new sales path that he would find more rewarding: residential real estate in his hometown.

As a long-time Richmond native, Taylor has witnessed Richmond’s transformation into a bustling metropolitan area that still retains its small-town feel. Taylor’s intimate knowledge of this area and the experiences he’s gained during his tenure in Richmond give him the drive and enthusiasm to make his home your home.